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Baking bread

December 11, 2008
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I came across a recipe a while back for nigella barley bread, and decided to try it. Of course the co-op didn’t have nigella seeds and I misplaced my barley flour when I started adding the flour to the yeast, so I kind of played the part of Dr. Frankenstein and took a little bit of a lot of things I had on hand to create a suitably edible creation.

Here were the first two results.

Sun-dried tomato pesto and cornmeal bread:

2008_07310003 2008_07310004

and Millet and Indian spices loaf:

2008_07310005 2008_07310006

I made both of these breads on a Sunday about two weeks ago. Last weekend I decided to experiment again. Since it was after the Thanksgiving holiday, but I hadn’t yet made a full festive dinner, like I usually do, I took the celery and onions I was going to use in stuffing (which would have required cubing Dave‘s rye and whole grain breads I bought for the occasion), and added it to my dough. In went more millet and some poultry-esque spices, and here’s what it looked like (after a bit of munching):

2008_07310013 2008_07310009

I thought the consistency of this latest batch was better (I think I may have overworked the dough in the first two attempts), and definitely want to keep trying. When I get back from California in January, I’m going to attempt a sourdough starter, and try to keep it going so I can begin to bake rolls and loafs (have you seen New Seasons’ bread prices lately?!?) and maybe have a meatless meatball sandwich party when I finally perfect it.

Oh, and for Thanksgiving, I made an apple tart, but stupidly forgot to take a picture. Oh well. I’m going to be making a pear and cranberry tart in the next few days hopefully and won’t forget to document it. Also planned (and by that I mean I thought these up and am now craving them but don’t want to be stuck eating them all by myself, so will be giving them away to friends this holiday season) is a coconut cake with fudgy chocolate frosting, a spiced apple and raisin strudel, a peach and dried cherry pie (or tart), Mexican wedding cookies, peanut butter cookie crust cheesecake with chocolate chips (vegan, of course), and something special for Jill (can you bake a salad?).


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October’s over?!?

October 31, 2008
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Uh, oops. I kinda lost track of time. I still have so many things I haven’t made and wanted to. Getting out The Alliance has proven more difficult than I imagined, so haven’t made much of anything lately.

Here’s a savory sun-dried tomato and herb danish from Sweetpea, tofu pad see ew from Thai Thai II, and some soup I made with lots of vegetables (which tasted a little bland, so I added Tofurky sausage bits to it) and other healthy stuff, including onion, zucchini, green beans, potatoes, diced tomatoes, lots of herbs, and barley.

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Weekend eats

October 27, 2008
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I’m too tired to write right now. Here’s some pictures.

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