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Distractions | October 9, 2008

So I’m sitting here not eating, trying to get some work done, but mostly waiting for it to be sundown so I can eat – Damn Yom Kippur. Still trying to figure out why I do Jewishy things occasionally when I don’t practice, have no desire to practice and don’t see myself ever doing it. Though the boys are pretty cute.

I have big plans for the next few days. And yes, reading a book about a Julia Child cookbook made a weird impact in that I want to veganize a few things (almond cake, pastries/tarts and soups mostly) and experiment more.

I love ordering new things in restaurants, but I tend to just make variations of the same things when cooking at home. It usually takes holidays for me to try new dessert recipes. And in the non-sweet category, I tend to get more adventurous after I go to a new eatery and read their menu, deciding I can make that at home. So I think I’ll try doing that. I certainly have enough menus. More to come.


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