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Smoothies and baking | October 5, 2008

In light of the changing weather, and in an attempt o combat it, I felt like a little summery pick-me-up. So, I went through the freezer and pulled out a ton of frozen fruit. Here’s what the final version consisted of: mango, pineapple, raspberries, orange juice concentrate (for sweetness), banana (all of the previous being frozen), vanilla soy yogurt and hemp milk. I don’t usually add yogurt, but had some unopened and figured now I would be forced to buy fresh fruit to eat with it, or continue the cooking by finding a good recipe t use it in.

I’m seeing if the yeast I have is still good, and will post pics of bread if it is, or cake if it isn’t.

Update: Well, got a little lazy and went with cake. Yeast will be tomorrow.

There’s this recipe I use for most of my cakes because it is a great starting point. I’ve added a ton different flavors to it over the years, just playing around. It can turn into a chocolate cake; or just a chocolate chip cake; or an orange cranberry cake for Thanksgiving; or a pumpkin-pie cake (sometimes with chocolate chips); or an autumny one with apple chunks, cinnamon and walnuts; or a blueberry creation; or just the plain recipe with a dash of cinnamon and coated in icing or fudgy frosting; the possibilities are pretty endless. This current creation is a peanut butter chocolate chip cake with peanut butter chocolate frosting. Waiting for it to cool, but will probably go to sleep instead of eating it. Delaying gratification a bit.


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