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Vegan MOFO | October 1, 2008

I’ve been saying for a few weeks now that i need to cook more and eat out less, so here goes, in honor of newish Portland resident Isa of the PPK, it’s all about the MOFO!

Since I didn’t take pics of my latest meal (butternut squash ravioli w/ heirloom cherry-sized tomatoes, soyrizo, garlic, fake parmesan and a splash of balsamic), I’ll have to start with whatever I pick up from People’s farmer’s market Wednesday afternoon.

I hope you get inspired to try something new or different or give veganism a shot, even if it’s one meal’s worth. After all, raising animals for food is contributing to global warming and pollution, increased heart disease and certain cancers, and is often just cruel to the animals who are raised for only slaughter and know nothing but mistreatment their whole lives. Or, just limit your meat intake to help save the environment, as recommended by scientists.

I won’t push, just nudge. Every little effort adds up to great results.



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